What is a cyclocamp ?


The Cyclocamp should provide do-it-yourself (DIY) bicycle repairshops with an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, learn from other DIY-bicycle repairshops and have fun together. We feel the need to (inter)connect with projects similar to ours, learn from other experiences and other projects.

The festival should be completely self organized, there should be no « orga-team » dominating the discourse and it should be as cheap as possible, no profit should be made. But there is a group providing necessary infrastructure. The festival area is free and all necessary work should be done by ourselves. For the rest of costs we think about collective fundraising such as a merchandising stand. The participants should think about what they want to do, everything is possible: build crazy bikes, discuss, show films, make a workshop, print T-shirts, music, …. so what do u wanna do?

Here is a movie of the first cyclocamp 2011 in Linz (Austria) :