Cyclocamp 2023 – Strasbourg

21th to 30th of July 2023

The Cyclocamp as a transnational gathering of independent bikeworkshops will happen in Strasbourg (France) with the purpose of celebrating and supporting bike workshops, exchange knowledge, building bikes, and having fun together while burning fat not oil.

The cyclocamp will take place from the Friday 21th to Sunday 30th of July in a field at 3km from the center of Strasbourg. You can already book your agenda !

Please write us ( if you are interested to come, to help to build the camp, if you have any questions or if you already know of a workshop or concert etc. you want to do at CC. Please distribute this invitation to people you know and could be interested. You can also subscribe to the orga mailing list here (in french for now).

Please bring videos, photos, zines, info material, stickers, patches, screen printing material etc. of your projects!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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