The annual gathering for and by bicycle activists & bike freaks !!

Thank you all !!

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The main goal of Cyclocamp is to meet around bike culture, learn from each other and have fun doing it together !
The festival is self-organised, anyone can come and bring their contribution.

The Cyclocamp aims to be as accessible as possible: access to camp is free and the workshops, concerts and food is proposed at whatever price you like (free price principle).
Of course any kind of discrimination is banned on the festival, as we aim to be as open and inclusive as possible.

Bicycle is beautiful, and so are you !

Our passion is the bicycle. It is at the center of what we do. For us, it is more than just a means of transportation. It stands for independence, environmental awareness as well as a criticism on consumerism. Therefore we want to create a participatory festival for bicycle activists who want to take mobility transition into their own hands.

We are involved in issues such as mobility, environmental protection, justice, anti-fascism and feminism. We want to promote a political discourse and take part in demonstrations, actions and rallies all together.

DIY & help for self-help

Our motto is : it’s better to learn to do it yourself than to have someone do it! Empower yourself and others! Everyone can contribute their ideas and are welcome to participate.

We want to be a space for testing new things. We are happy to welcome people making their first experience with political activism, organizing or lending a hand in the kitchen. We believe that gathering and sharing advices and tricks is the best and nicest way to get into new stuff or dig deeper into some others. So feel free to share your experience and your knowledge.

Accessible to everyone

The Cyclocamp is a non-profit event. The money raised at the bar and the kitchen are used to pay for the wood, handling, toilets, gas, electricity, etc necessary to set up camp. If there are some, the earnings will be used to finance next year’s festival.

Traditionally, we rely on free prices, it means you can give what you like and what you can. This principle of solidarity enables many people to take part in the Cyclocamp regardless of their income, while fixed prices would possibly lead to exclusion. To ensure that all costs are covered in the end, there are donation recommendations for everything, to give you an idea of the investment made to provide you with the service. Simply choose the price category that suits you best.


We will try to provide vegan food for everyone on the camp, as well as drinking water, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Please bring dishes, cutlery and ecocup.

We do not advertise consumer goods or services, not even in the bicycle sector. The whole festival is financed by their participants and aims to be as cheap as possible.


The whole programme is made for & by you, so what you wanna do?

The programme is evolving and gets richer day after day on the camp. It’s up to you, participants, to propose and mark on the big panel at the infopoint what you propose.. but here is a glimpse of what you could find or do :

Free animations, anytime, everyday
Welding workshops of crazy bikes
Bikewar, bike joust
Bike tresor-hunt
Bike wander to the lake
Artistic workshop related to bike, or not…
Picture or video projection (roadtrip, bike-kitchen, events..)
Lectures, round-tables
Critical Mass (Vélorution)
Open mic, Jam, Concerts (get in touch with our tech team for concerts)
Games (Bike polo, bike bowling, bike stuff…)
And whatever you feel like sharing with others… <3

V previously in Cyclocamp

Independant & self organized

Thematically, our festival and all program items is self-organised and is related to bicycles, even if it’s only politically related. Anybody can propose an activity, a workshop, bring her/his own tools or materials to build the camp all together.

There is a couple of little « orga-groups » providing necessary infrastructure but this should not lead to domination of these groups during the cyclocamp. All necessary work has to be done by everyone. Participation in all activities is voluntary. To help, you can offer your time or skills. Tasks are coordinated everyday at the info-point.


Solidarity & inclusiveness

Everyone should be aware of sexism, racism and all other kinds of discriminating behaviour. If you notice any problematic behaviour or are concerned yourself, please discuss this and feel free to get the AWARENESS TEAM for help


We offer a protected space (safer space) in which as many people as possible can feel safe, comfortable and in good hands. The democratic culture of this self organized event should be based on respect towards one another. It is important to enable the articulation of everybody’s opinions and experiences to learn from each other.  

But where is the Cyclocamp ?

This edition will start on July 21st 2023 with a Critical mass in Strasbourg (Departure at 5:30pm here) that will finish at the Cyclocamp site with some delicious vegan food, fresh drinks and concerts, and so for the 10 next days all together !
The camp will take place at the Saint Gall site, where you’ll be able to sleep in your own tent or your van for free.

Don’t forget to bring ear plugs, the camp is right next to the festival and a train line. If you don’t have a tent, tell us in the subscription form, we’ll try to find you some place to sleep, or there is also the possibility to rent mobile homes at the camping 300m.

Wanna come ? Wanna help ?

You can write us ( if you are interested in helping build the camp, if you already know of a workshop or concert or whatever you want to do at Cyclocamp.

Please distribute this invitation to people you know and could be interested. And if you want to be part of organizational crew, you can also subscribe to the orga mailing list here (in french for now).

More technical informations here

See you soon !