Technical informations

The cyclocamp will take place from the Friday 21th to Sunday 30th of July in a field at 3km from the center of Strasbourg. You can already book your agenda !

Please write us ( if you are interested to come, to help to build the camp, if you have any questions or if you already know of a workshop or concert etc. you want to do at CC.

Please distribute this invitation to people you know and could be interested. You can also subscribe to the orga mailing list here (in french for now).

The democratic culture of this self organized event should be based on respect towards one another. It is important to enable the articulation of everybody’s opinions and experiences to learn from each other. We want the cyclocamp to be free from violence and other violent behaviour like sexism, homophobia, racism and such. WITHOUT COMPROMISE! Conflicts can occur but should not be fought in a disrespectful way or on a personal level. Be aware of sexism, racism and all other kind of discriminating behaviour. If you notice any kind of this behaviour or are concerned yourself, please discuss this and feel free to get the support-group for help.

Support group

The intention of the support-group is to give assistance in case of violent, sexist, racist and related conflicts, to mediate and to give protection. If you feel threatened or in case of any kind of other interpersonal emergencies, SPEAK UP – GET SUPPORT!

you can reach the support-group anytime under +33 XXXXXXXX (update soon) or via the Info-point.


The cyclocamp is a non-profit festival. The profit made at the bar and kitchen will cover the costs of wood, toilet, gas, electricity, etc. To avoid additional costs, it is necessary to collect and separate waste because the costs for residual wastes is expensive.

Hopefully, If there are some, the earnings will be used to finance next year’s festival.


Vegan food is prepared each day (lunch and dinner) in common by the voluntary participants for the whole group. Tools to cook big quantity will be provided, some local people know the place to get food for free or cheap. It is all self-financed and all food & drinks are on donation, so please give an appropriate amount of money for it.

Critical Mass of the 21st July

Departure the friday 21st at 5:30pm on the Bridge of Jardin des Deux Rives, it will be 12km long and will arrive at the Cyclocamp.


Eat&meet: short meetings at 14pm everyday : agreements and decisions will be made in a consensual way. Everybody should attend, in case you can’t attend yourself, please be sure you’re getting informed.

Early arrival

If you arrive too soon, here is our HQ, maybe somebody will be there.

Legal issues

All activities on the Cyclocamp are at one’s own risk.

Riding a Bicycle in France

In France you need two separate working brakes and steady white light to the front and red to the back, orange reflectors on the pedals and white or orange ones on your wheels.
If you don’t have this, police might charge quite a fine (38 euros). We recommend lights for the critical mass ride in Strasbourg! Helmets are not mandatory for adults. For children under 12 years a helmet is mandatory (fuck that!!!). At cross-walks (zebra-crossing) without traffic lights, pedestrians always have the right of way.


Driving a bicycle under the influence of alcohol is penalized above 0.5 g of alcohol per liter of blood (2 beers). It is recommended not to mix alcohol and the joy of riding a bike 🙂


Using a phone or headphones on bike is not allowed and might be charge (135€)


There is no official internet connection at the camp. But many people can share their connection from their phones


At the info point there is a computer where you can put on your pictures and videos to exchange and share them with others. If you have especially nice pictures put them in the CC2023_pictures-folder on the desktop.


Noise is allowed at specific hours in order to let those who want to rest ;


We don’t provide child care, but you can organize one yourself. People with kids are self-responsible for attendance!

Flexing and Welding

Please stop working at dawn, no flexing or welding when it’s dark!


Please save us and yourself from piss smells and use the toilets instead of the bushes, thanks. Remember we’ll spend 10ich days on this place.

PRM accessibility

The camp’s site is in a field with grass everywhere and is not the best for wheelchair access. If you are in a wheelchair and you wanna come, plz contact us, we’ll try to make our best to welcome you.


Dogs and non-human animals are only allowed on a leash.
Therapeutic companion animals are welcome.

CC phone contact

Dialling this number you can reach the Infopoint at the Cyclocamp XXXXXXXXXX (update soon)


European emergency number : 112

Medic emergency number : 15

Firefighters number : 18