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  • second meeting

    The second meeting for organizing the cyclocamp will take place the Thursday 6th of April in la Maison des Projet again at 20h00. We will define the different working groups and referents. The topics we will talk about are there (french) : you can subscribe to the orga newsletter just by sending en empty…

  • First meeting

    The 22/02/2023, we had a first meeting in Strasbourg to present the Cyclocamp to other bike kitchen and local activist organisations. To do that, we used the movie of the first Cyclocamp and describe some workshop we found in the previous editions. We also present the place where the Cyclocamp will happen. We had a…

  • invitation to the a presentation of Cyclocamp

    invitation in French here. first meeting to present what is cyclocamp, who is cyclocamp, short movie and lets dream it ! It will be 22/02/2022 in Strasbourg.