invitation to the a presentation of Cyclocamp

invitation in French here.

first meeting to present what is cyclocamp, who is cyclocamp, short movie and lets dream it ! It will be 22/02/2022 in Strasbourg.

  • What is Cyclocamp?
    SPOILER ALERT — an international festival of bike hackers, but we explain everything to you in detail on site
  • Who is Cyclocamp?
    It is an informal, moving and open collective, us, you. Locally we provide the infrastructure of the festival, the rest of the event is self-managed: come with what you want to find there and your energy of the moment
  • how was it before?
    Screening of a film (12 min) on the 1st Cyclocamp in 2011 in Austria
  • let’s dream our Cyclocamp!
    What do we want to find there, to do there? How does everyone want to get involved?
  • and finally !
    A participative and joyful aperitif to celebrate our meeting




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